General Crix Madine幕後花絮

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General Crix Madine



( 英 文 資 料 來 源 : 星 際 大 戰 ; 傳 奇 幕 後 的 光  碟 )

Crix Madine did not join the Rebel Alliance until shortly after the Battle Yavin, when his conscience and strong morals finally forced him to refuse a direct order form the Emperor.



A wanted criminal Madine had no choice but to join the Rebel, He then rediscovered his old friend Carlist Rieekan, Based on Rieekan’s recommendation, Madine was accepted by Mon Mothma despite his past affiliations. Mon Mothma decision proved incredibly wise, for Madine immediately began transforming the Rebel force into fighting units capable of repelling heavily armed stormtroopers, and to incur commend.



When the Alliance discovered that the Empire was building a second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor, General Madine took it upon himself to find a way to destroy the shield generator protecting the new battle station.



First, he assigned the task of capturing an Imperial shuttle to a unit of soldiers. Madine personally recruited and trained these operatives, and was therefore justifiably pleased when there mission proved a complete success. Next, Madine proposed that a small Rebel strike team use the stolen shuttle to land on Endor and target the shield generator.



Again, he chose and prepared these soldiers, mapped out the attack, and devised strategies for dealing with resistance the shield a round the Death Star, allowing the Rebel fleet to attack and destroy the Death Star.



After the Battle of Endor, Madine declined seat on the New Republic’s provisional council, He subsequently became supreme Allied commander for intelligence, and was deeply involved in the New Republic’s clash with Grand Admiral Thrawn.



He also devised methods for attacking the Imperial world Devastators when these massive craft attacked Mon Calameri. Sadly.



Finally, Madine went on a daring mission in the field during the Darksaber crisis, wherein unscrupulous Hutt agents attempted to wield power with a super weapon prototype.



Madine infiltrated the Darksaber, but he was captured by Durga the Hutt's henchman. They brought Madine before the loathsome gangster, and Durga killed the New Republic intelligence commander with a fatal shot from a blaser.